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Vimy Ridge :: essays research papers

 Vimy Ridge   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  This essay will describe the events that took place at Vimy Ridge during World War I. Britain and France both attempted to take control of the Ridge which was currently occupied by the German Army and both failed. It was left to the Canadian Army to take the Ridge. This essay will prove that after many struggles, and careful preparation, Canada was defined as a Nation at Vimy Ridge.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Vimy Ridge was a key to the German defence system. It rose 61 m. above the Douai Plain which favoured the Germans because there was a gradual incline on the West. This meant that the Canadians would have to attack over open ground where they would become prime targets for German artillery, machine guns and rifle fire.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Military mining played a big role in the battle of Vimy Ridge. Engineers built a network of tunnels under no-mans land. They also dug subways totalling more than 5 km. in length, through which assault troops could move to their jumping-off points. The subways provided protection from enemy artillery fire, and permitted the wounded to be brought back from the battlefield. Chambers were cut into the walls of the subway for brigade and battalion headquarters, ammunitions stores, communication centres and dressing stations.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  The taking of Vimy Ridge fell to the Canadian Corps under the command of the British General Julian Byng. He appointed the Canadian born Major General Arthur Currie as the Commander of the 1st Canadian Division. Currie believed â€Å"Thorough preparation must lead to success. Neglect nothing.†. He left nothing to chance, every stage of the attack was planned to the very last detail. General Currie had a full scale model of Vimy Ridge built to train his soldiers. They got the locations of every trench, machine gun and other valuable information about the enemy by using aerial photographs taken by the Royal Flying Corps and information from intelligence raids across enemy lines. Over 1,400 Canadians lost their lives retrieving this information. The key positions of the model were marked with flags and coloured tape. Currie had his soldiers practice and rehearse every step they would take on the day of the attack, so when the day came, the troops would be fully informed about their objectives and their routes. Maps were given out to guide even the smallest units. The soldiers were also trained to use the enemy machine guns so when the enemy guns were captured, they would know how to use them.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  The German defence system was made up of three defensive lines. They consisted of a maze of trenches, concrete machine gun strong points that had

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Management and Leadership Essay

Abstract This paper describes the difference between leadership and management, followed by an examination of the role responsibility of leaders in creating and maintaining a healthy organizational culture. It explains that a leader is someone who can offer a compelling invitation for others to take action, while managers manage and accomplish work through others. Today’s leader needs a multitude of characteristics but most important is the ability to develop a vision and to articulate it. This paper critically examines and articulates key conceptual and practical differences between leadership and management through an analysis of the differences in the form, function and influence processes which underpin these complementary organizational roles. It attempts to show that while management involves a key responsibility for leadership, effective management also needs to include the skillful application of other power bases which underpin the wider influencing tactics of effective leader ship. Management and Leadership Today’s organizations become more complex, more ambiguous, and more unpredictable. So how should managers and leaders respond to these challenges? Along with the world is changing constantly, everything has been changing, like the Internet and information revolution, globalization of economies, demographics and ageing population, decrease in new born babies†¦etc. Changing is the trend of development of society. All kinds of environment such as investing, marketing, financing and operating environment has been changing for organizations. Leadership and management are two notions that are often used interchangeably. However, these words actually describe two different concepts. Leadership is a facet of management and is just one of the many assets a successful manager must possess. Care must be taken in distinguishing these two concepts. The main aim of a manager is to maximize  the output of the organization through administrative implementation. To achieve this, managers must undertake the following functions: Organizing, planning, leading and controlling. A manager cannot just be a leader; he also needs formal authority to be effective. For any quality initiative to take hold, senior management must be involved and act as a role model. This involvement cannot be delegated. In some circumstances, leadership is not required. For example, self-motivated groups may not require a single leader and may find leaders dominating. The fact that a leader is not always required proves that leadership can be just an asset and is not essential for certain groups or organizations. Managers think incrementally, whilst leaders think radically. â€Å"Managers do things right, while leaders do the right thing† (Ikeda, 2003). This means that managers do things by the book and follow company policy, while leaders follow their own intuition, which may in turn be of more benefit to the company. A leader is more emotional than a manager. Men or women are governed by their emotions rather than their intelligence. Leaders stand out by being different. They question assumption and are suspicious of tradition. They seek out the truth and make decisions based on fact, not prejudice. They have a preference for innovation. Often with small groups, it is not the manager who emerges as the leader. In many cases it is a subordinate member with specific talents who leads the group in a certain direction. Leaders must let vision, strategies, goals, and values be the best guide-post for action and behavior rather than attempting to control others. When a natural leader emerges in a group containing a manager, conflict may arise if they have different views. When a manager sees the group looking towards someone else for leadership he may feel his authority is being questioned. Groups are often more loyal to a leader than a manager. This loyalty is created by the leader taking responsibility in areas such as: Taking the blame when things go wrong, celebrating group achievements, even minor ones,  giving credit where it is due. The leader must take a point of highlighting the successes within a team, using charts or graphs, with little presentations and fun ideas. Leaders are observant and sensitive people. They know their team and develop mutual confidence within it. â€Å"The leader is followed, the manager rules† (The University of Edinburgh, 1997). A leader is someone who people naturally follow through their own choice, whereas a manager must be obeyed. A manager may only have obtained his position of authority through time and loyalty given to the company, not as a result of his leadership qualities. A leader may have no organizational skills, but his vision unites people behind him. Management usually consists of people who are experienced in their field, and who have worked their way up the company. A manager knows how each layer of the system works and may also possess a good technical knowledge. A leader can be a new arrival to a company who has bold, fresh, new ideas but might not have experience or wisdom. Leading, often confused with managing, is the process of creating a vision and motivating people to achieve certain goals. On the other hand, managing is the process of organizing, planning, controlling, and leading; hence, leadership is a characteristic of managing but managing is not necessarily a function of leading. Often employees prefer employers to express roles of leading over those of managing. â€Å"If given the choice, most people would rather follow a leader than managed by a manager. To manage is to control and manipulate. To lead is to guide, influence and persuade. In today’s business world, both management and leadership skills are vital, but it’s important to use them in the proper manner – things are managed and people are led† (Iscoe, n.d.). For employers to be successful it is imperative that they distinguish the  difference between managing and leading and are able to express all functions of management (leading included), for if they do not profit maximization is hindered and failure inevitable. For leaders to influence others to become interested in their vision often they need to put some attention toward creating a healthy organizational culture. This is important because when an employee feels comfortable in their work environment it is more likely that they develop loyalty and interest for their employer. Unfortunately, due to costs and lack of regulating standards for creating a healthy organization culture many employers express unwillingness and look towards other creative means to improve employees health. â€Å"So many companies find it easier to try to ‘fix’ the employee than the organization. Focus on employees’ unhealthy behaviors – poor diets, smoking, lack of exercise. Promote self-management of health. That’s today’s typical ‘control strategy,’ but it does nothing to address the deeper organizational ills† (Johnson, 2001). Another creative way to maintain a healthy organization culture is to offer, at the employee’s expense, authorized absence (leave). This has been a common occurrence from those that I know who are in the Navy. Employers will allow an employee to take, at their own expense, additional time as needed off when stress levels are high. I believe that employers do this in attempts to avoid morale drop that could arise out of employees having health problems (some relating to stress). As far as leaders and managers having to be responsible for creating a positive work environment, it is by their own choice and in their best interest. They must make the cost-benefit analysis to decide if expenses are worth an increase in constitution of employees. Unless employers are literally doing something immoral to employees, a positive atmosphere can often be overlooked. In conclusion, leadership is an important function of management and is essential if one wishes to be triumphant. For my captain his leadership was enthralling to anyone that he met, making him and his crew more interested in furthering his career in the military. Creating pride in employees’ job and using your position as a leader or a manager to excel organizational  goals and influence employees to work towards positive goals either for themselves or the organization is my vision of healthy organizational culture. References University of Edinburgh (1997). The Difference Between Management And Leadership. Retrieved April 30, 2005 from: Ikeda J. (2003) Addressing the Leadership Crises: Clarifying Leaders’ Responsibilities. Retrieved April 30, 2005 from: Iscoe, S. (2004) Link to Success: Management Versus Leadership. Retrieved April 30, 2005 from: Johnson, D. (2001). Creating a healthy workplace for today’s stressed-out employees. Retrieved April 30, 2005 from:,2164,62212,00.html

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Advice to a Friend on Choosing a Mistress Essay

In his message, Franklin advises his friend that marriage is the best solution not for only sexual desires but also the undisputable source of solid happiness. Having suspicions that his friend would not follow his guidance, Franklin recommends him to choose older mistresses instead of younger ones and lists eight valuables reasons to better support his argument. Franklin commences his essay by presenting advantages of the marriage. He says I know of no medicine fit to diminish the violent inclinations you mention†¦ Marriage is the proper remedy. It is most natural state of man and therefore the state in which you can are most likely to find solid happiness†. Through those sentences, Franklin seems to estimate that from a masculine’ view, one of the main advantages of the marriage is to bring pacification toward requirements of the flesh. The recipient of the letter who was the friend of the author seemed to be looking for a situation in which he could find sexual partner and happiness without commitment. Based on the previous quotes, the author claims that the best situation in which he could find hat he was looking for was a marriage. In his letter, Franklin advices his friend to settle because ‘ It is the man and woman together that make the complete human being†. If Franklin thinks that the marriage is so positive, this is relied to both psychological and socio-economical reasons. First all he is convinced that the married life is more balancing that the single lifetime. Franklin believes that a man who did not find the soul mate is in other words incomplete, unaccomplished by saying that A single man has not nearly the value he would have in that sate of union, He is an ncomplete animal. He resembles the odd half of a pair of scissors†. Based on this judgement, Franklin means that family life calms people; it is the natural arrangement in which they can organize their production’ strength with the most possible benefit. While Franklin affirms that together there are more likely to succeed in the world† there is no doubt that he is referring to the material success. Concerning the woman, it is only in a marriage that she can show up her real values. Through the letter, Franklin continues to give worthy reasons in order to convince the ecipient about getting married. Franklin having doubts that his friend would not consider his advice followed his representation of the marriage by an alternative solution to satisfy his needs. If his friend his not ready to commit and wants to continue a commerce with Sex inevitable†, he suggested that ‘ you should prefer old woman to young ones†. The first raison that Franklin used to support his case is that they nave more knowledge ot the world, and their minds are better stored witn observations, their conversation is more improving and more lastingly agreeable†. By affirming this, Franklin makes an allusion to the intelligence of older woman. He illustrates that people gain knowledge as they get older. They have, in principle knew more love stories or adventures than youngest ones, thus they better know men, know how to take care of them and also how to satisfy them. Franklin defends the idea that a debate with an old woman is rich and interesting, because they had been through many involvements from witch they had retains acquaintance. They have lived longer and have things to communicate to you. Franklin also supports his reference for older woman by saying that To maintain their influence over men, they supply the diminution of beauty by an augmentation of utility’. This is to illustrate that older woman, with the time spend less time worrying about their appearance, which they use to do more important stuff. To him, when beauty disappears, women improve their service. At their age, they assume their femininity and do so without any complex. Franklin, who was a man of science and also know as Lady Man’ also gave bodily motivation for choosing an older woman. He implies that ? because in every animal that walks upright the deficiency of the fluids that fill the muscles appears first in the highest part. The face first grows lank and wrinkled; then the neck; then the breast and arms; the lower parts continuing to the last as plump as ever: so that covering all above with a basket, and regarding only what is below the girdle, it is impossible of two women to tell an old one from a young one†. His purpose here is to assure his friend that there are no doubts or fear to have on the corporal pleasure of an old woman. According to him as in the dark all cats are rey, the pleasure of corporal enjoyment with an old woman is at least equal, and frequently superior†. This is to support that woman are woman regardless of age, an old woman can perform the same way as a young one concerning sexual experience. Sometimes, they are even considered superior. Through the note, Franklin by saying because there is no hazard of children, which irregularly produced may be attended with much inconvenience† refers to the fact that woman at a certain age can’t get pregnant. Thus while dating them the chance of being relied to them by omeone or something is null. This also makes the separation easier and leaves out others inconvenient that children can bring in a relationship. Across the letter, Franklin continues to encourage his friend to choose an old female if this last one persist in thinking a Commerce with the ser. He establishes a formal and highly analytical tone with his receiver about the discretion an old mistress can have in their relationship. He supports his suggestion by affirming that because through more experience they are more prudent and discreet in conducting an intrigue to revent suspicion. The commerce with them is therefore safer with regard to your reputation. From the following sentence, the author suggests that with an old woman, it is less probable that the relationship get revealed consequently with her you reputation will be at the shelter because they are more responsible in managing a relationship and they now what they want. Finally, Franklin ends up with his letter by saying † they are so grateful†™. Even though Franklin, in his letter gave an approved receipt to find the best mistress, it is obvious that considering as the ounding father his interest for marriage respond to others concern more important than the promotion ot the psych-to-emotional blooming.

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Apple Research Project Essay

To help Apple figure out what can be done to maintain and/or surpass its current level of success within the smartphone market Team D created and administered a ten question survey. The purpose of the survey is to gain knowledge on what consumers think about the iPhone and determine any desired changes to ensure Apple’s top rating within the smartphone market. The results of the survey will be analyzed to identify any trends or similarities between all of the different respondents. Sampling Process and Data Collection The survey was distributed via Facebook to current and future smartphone owners. It was not a requirement for respondents to be previous or current iPhone users. Each team member was instructed to post a link to the survey using her personal social media account along with a brief description of the survey’s goal. The website is a free way to collect the necessary data. Survey Monkey collected and grouped the data from the responses. Most statistical studies are based on samples of relevant data with the main criteria ensuring that the sample provides a faithful representation of the totality from which it is selected, and to know as precisely as possible the probability that a sample is reliable (Sociology Guide, 2014). There are several types of sampling methods that can be used. The sampling method that is used for this survey is random sampling. This type of sampling includes choosing subjects from a population through unpredictable means. All subjects have an equal chance of being selected out of the population being researched. This type of sampling is beneficial because a survey is the best way to show unbiased results. It is also a faster, less expensive, more efficient way to obtain results (Random Sampling, 2014). Types of Data Collected The first step to collecting the data was figuring out the sample population for the survey. The target population was current and future smartphone users. The second step to collecting data was to use survey questions that showed interval and ratio data. The results from the questions obtained some good data that could help Apple make some good decisions to better their product. The third step to collecting the data was to conduct the survey, via social networking, and analyze the results that were collected through the Survey Monkey website. Data Analysis The majority of the survey respondents, 61.54%, has owned or used an iPhone for 2-4 years. Most of the respondents seem to be pleased with the iPhone giving between a 7 or 8 ranking on a scale of 1 (Least favorable) to 10 (Most favorable). There was a great demand for a larger storage capacity with features/camera/apps coming in a close second. Other suggestions were free access to iCloud, Apple’s digital storage hub, improved GPS/navigation, and multi-tasking capabilities. Most of the respondents (73.08%) agreed that improvements would persuade them to keep their current iPhone or purchase a new one. A few respondents suggested that Apple offer features comparable to that of other smartphone manufacturers. Over 60% of respondents agreed that the iPhone is in jeopardy of not being the most popular cellular device in the future. The comments ranged from Apple having strong brand awareness to the necessity of improvements and adjustments for the smartphone to remain competitive. A price increase proved to be a determining factor for future sales. The majority of respondents said they would not purchase an iPhone if the price were raised. On the contrary, most respondents said that they would still use the phone if Apple performed software upgrades instead of rolling out a new phone. 73% would recommend the iPhone to family and friends. Conclusion Overall, consumers were pleased with the iPhone as it is but most agree that the smartphone could benefit from additional storage. The survey  successfully identified points for improvement while providing insight into consumers’ thoughts on the iPhone. The consensus is that Apple should aim to be more competitive within the market. The responses show that without adjustments the iPhone may become less popular among consumers. Team, There were 10 questions in your survey. I am having trouble finding the results for these 10 questions. Map your analysis and graphical representations to the questions. Any question on a survey should be providing needed information for decision making or it should not be on the survey. Only one question collected interval data – question 1 of your survey. How would you rate your device on a scale of 1 to 10. This question produces interval data – your results should include calculations such as the mean and standard deviation. Such calculations are important to business decision making. The survey should include at least two such questions. Include an additional question so that further analysis can be done. Review the McClave text chapter two for methods to analyze interval and ratio data. Consider mapping to the survey questions – 1. How would you rate your device on a scale of 1 to 10? 2. Would you suggest the iPhone to your friends and/or family? 3. What features would you like to see improved and/or offered on the next version of the iPhone that is currently available on other smartphones? 4. What changes if any would you like made to the iPhone? 5. What do you consider its best feature? 6. What does the main use of your iPhone consist? (school function) (work related activities) (social media and personal contact) 7. Is your iPhone black or white? 8. Are you male or female? 9. Which age range do you fit? (16-18) (19-25) (26-35) (36-45) (46+) 10. Have you owned a cell phone besides the iPhone? If yes, what phone was it? Group_______ References Random Sampling. 2014. What is Random Sampling? Retrieved from: Sociology Guide. 2014. Sampling. Retrieved from: SurveyMonkey. 1999-2014. Analyze results. Retrieved from Content 70 Percent Pts. Earned /Pts. Possible Comments: Identifies sampling process by sampling contact, distribution and collection methods Include a description of the sampling method (i.e. random, systematic, convenience,†¦) Includes complete administrators of surveys and data collection deliverables Review concludes students have used correct organization, analysis, and interpretation of the data attained during research Includes visual representation of data collected using tables and figures with descriptive elements to discern categorization See embedded comments. Review the sampling methods to determine and support the method being used in your study. Review the visualization and presentation of the 10 questions in your survey and how to best communicate the results. A table or additional graphics to clearly indicate the results of the 10 questions. Include analysis of two questions that produce interval/ratio data. Information can be found in the McClave text chapter 2 for the calculations of such values as the mean and standard deviation. 15/20 Writing Guidelines 30 Percent Comments: Tables or figures should include all the appropriate labeling, can be easily understood, even in the event of administration difficulty. Participants’  names and identifiable data should remain anonymous to avoid perceived bias towards the sampling. Intellectual property is recognized with in-text citations and a reference page. APA guidelines followed. Consider the research design flow to communicate the data collected from your survey. I could not follow from your week 4 project. 7/10 Assignment Total 22/30 Additional comments:

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Mayday on Holderness Essay

In the poem, â€Å"Mayday on Holderness†, Ted Hughes analyses the relationship between man and nature. The theme of the second stanza is strongly focused on death, playing a part of the poem’s overall theme – the cycle of life. Another focus point of the stanza is the eternal being of nature and man’s need for it. Hughes picks up on the inferiority of mankind in comparison to â€Å"unkillable† nature. Hughes conveys the idea that nature is immortal and lives off our deads’ remains, we see this through the listing of â€Å"tributary graves† being part of what the North Sea â€Å"swallows†. This imagery is morbid and voices Hughes’ anti-pastoral feeling. He uses this poem to establish that nature is not clean, pure and innocent but instead has been dirtied and thrives off our dead and waste. Nature has destructive power as well as creative power. The river Humber that Hughes describes in this stanza is depicted as â€Å"a loaded single vein†. The use of this metaphor and comparison to a â€Å"vein† infer that the river is living, as veins are needed by the body to pump blood around and keep us alive. Leading us to label the river as the blood and the country as the flesh. This metaphor consequently conveying that the people of the North rely on the river, and as a whole rely on nature, to keep them alive. However, Hughes tells us that the river contains human remains; the river therefore is not only a symbol of life but also of death. This reflects the overall theme of the poem: life cycles. Hughes emphasises the density of death that is contained in the river through describing it as â€Å"loaded†. This adjective portraying that the river is so full up to the point that it is on the verge of exploding. In addition, the assonance of ‘i’ in the third line of the stanza mimics the flowing movement of the river Humber as it travels out of Hull to join the North Sea. This is also emphasised in many lines of the stanza through sibilance. Notably, for example, in the first two lines â€Å"sunset smudge† and â€Å"south skyline† share the hissing sound of the river’s water. Returning to the message Hughes is making about man’s subconscious need and reliance on nature, the imagery of the river as it â€Å"drains the effort of the inert North – Sheffield’s ores† reflects this. The point being made is that mankind focus their energy and time into manufacturing and industry (Sheffield being known for it’s steel production), turning them into lifeless, sluggish beings. Yet, we need nature to keep everything in equilibrium and without it we would not survive. The river is accepting and making use of what humans discard or have no use for, for example, the river swallows up all: â€Å"bog pools, dregs of toadstools†. The way Hughes calls the river Humber â€Å"Sheffield’s ores† is another reference to the importance of industry and also that nature is used by mankind in the same way Sheffield uses ores; for it’s important elements. We take nature for granted. The idea of nature being engulfed and overlooked by a world of manufacturing is inferred through the description of the river â€Å"melting†. This verb seems an unusual one to use and Hughes has selected it for it’s industrial connotations. As I previously mentioned, Hughes voices his anti-pastoral feeling in this poem. A filthy, more negative portrayal of nature is articulated. It appears that nature has had its purity removed, or it never existed. Hughes describes Hull’s â€Å"sunset smudge†. The connotations of â€Å"sunset† are romantic, peaceful and naturally beautiful. The juxtaposition of these two words creates severe contrast, as the word â€Å"smudge† is onomatopoeic, with a dirty, unclean sound created by the â€Å"sm† and thickness heard in the â€Å"d†. The last line of the stanza once again enforces the idea that nature has the ultimate power over all creatures on earth. â€Å"Insects, drunken, drop out of the air. † This imagery shows authority, as though the insects are falling at nature’s feet. In such a way that one would fall in front of their leader. It also expresses the idea that the insects are dropping death into the river after being poisoned by the river’s fumes. Which is another way that illustrates nature’s ultimate power and also the sense of nature’s destructive power.

Airborne Express case study Essay

Airborne Express, an air express transportation company has succeeded to compete with a few big competitors such as Federal Express and United Parcel Service (UPS) even it does not have funding as much as its competitors. In 1996, it held third position in the industry with 9 percent of the market. Even Airborne is smaller size company compared to its main competitors, it still can survive with the competitive advantage through its resources and capabilities. With some unique resources and core competences, a company may have competitive advantage over its competitors, and this is the way small capital company able to compete with its competitors. Airborne Express is the first and only air express transportation company that owns an airport. Because of the limited control, Airborne has purchased an airline at Wilmington in 1980. Since then, the airport became the hub of the company, and all the operations of the company were conducted here. It is also the biggest privately owned airport in United States. With the ownership of the airport, Airborne is able to control the operations more easily. Besides that, Airborne does not need to pay for any landing or service fees to the airlines company like its competitors. Comparably, Federal Express and UPS own the planes but still need to lease the airport from other party. It helps Airborne to save a lot of costs. Apart from that, Wilmington airport is one of the strategic airports in United States. It means that the place is having a well weather record. For express air transportation industry, weather is a big factor that can affect the daily business operation. If the weather is bad, the shipments will not be sent to the final destination at the promised time. Time is the promise to the customers and it does affect the confidence of a company’s customers. Besides airlines, Airborne also has a complete system of ground transportation. With the establishment of trucking hubs in some places, Airborne able to deliver the shipment that near to the hub using the ground transport. Almost 25 percent of the company’s domestic volume is dealt with ground transport. However, the cost of service by ground transport is not transparent to the customers who assume that the packages are flown. Thus, the charge is same with the air-transported goods. Compare to air transport, ground transportation costs five times lower. From here, the profit margin  has been increased. In the other way, the company also can offer lower price for ground transportation packages. Instead of making more profit, the company can utilize the low cost benefit to compete with its competitors. In 1996, Airborne Express owned a fleet of 105 aircraft. To keep the capital expenditure down, Airborne has purchased only used planes. The planes will be modified to suit its specification for air express transportation. The cost of purchase and modification is $30million lower than purchasing a new plane. Compare to other companies, a big amount of money is being saved by Airborne. Further more, Airborne’s DC-9 and YS-11 aircraft require only two person cockpit crew compared to normal three person crews required in Federal Express and UPS. Labour cost has been saved again. Airborne also have its own maintenance facility in Wilmington. It is the only all-cargo carrier to do so. It can handle most if the maintenance works except major engine repairs. It was estimate that the labour costs of $16 per hour is $49 lesser than the subcontracted labour cost. It was a major source of annual cost savings. Instead of serving all kinds of customers, Airborne decided to focus on serving the needs of high volume corporate accounts. It is because the severe competition and the cost of serving small customers. The company is able to establish scheduled pickup routes and use it as ground capacity more efficiently. Due to this factor, the unit cost structure has been reduced. According to the Airborne executives, their unit cost is $3 lower than its main competitor, Federal Express. Besides that, because of the different consumer behaviors between different groups, the focusing of the service is one of the ways to win a part of market in severe competition. By matching the needs of the groups, the company will have a better chance to win the customers than its competitors. Another aspects that Airborne get competitive advantage is the creation of the only privately certified Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ) in United States at its Wilmington hub. In a FTZ, merchandise is tax-free and no customs duty is paid until it leaves. It is a big attraction to the foreign companies. The companies can keep their inventories in Wilmington hub, and the inventories  will be delivered to the destination by Airborne when needed. The local companies that implement Just-In-Time policy will prefer the service very much. It is because the inventories cost will bear by the suppliers that keep inventories in Airborne hub. For foreign companies, not only can satisfy the needs of local customers, but also can save the cost of tax and duty paid. The FTZ is a good factor that will help Airborne to set foot into the international market. However, because of the capital constraint, Airborne still unable to compete with Federal Express and UPS in the international market. Normally, large sizes A-containers are used in the air cargo business. Around $1million per plane is required to install cargo doors to take A-containers. To solve the problem, Airborne has developed C-containers that are six times smaller, and can fit through the passenger doors of the aircraft. The equipment to load the C-containers also about 80 percent less expensive than the equipment needed for A-containers. The shape of C-containers also designed to allow maximum utilisation of the plane space. To prevent other competitors copy the design, Airborne has taken out the patent on the C-containers. Therefore, C-containers seem to be the speciality of Airborne Express. It helps the company to save a lot of costs. It is a long term cost savings because it involves in daily operation. Therefore, it also a long term competitive advantage over the other competitors. Apart from that, through its subsidiary company, Advanced Logistics Services Corp., Airborne is promoting a range of third-party logistics service. It provides customers with the ability to maintain inventories in a 1 million square foot â€Å"stock exchange† facility located in Wilmington hub. The customers can choose to manage the inventories themselves or subcontract to Airborne. In â€Å"stock exchange† service, third party will involve in the instruction for movement of the inventories. It easier the process of the movement of inventories, and also help the customers to minimise inventory holding costs. Airborne is the first and only air express transportation company that provide this unique service. It actually involves a complex system. Therefore, knowledge or human resource is very important in order to develop the system. Since it is the only company, customers who interested  with the â€Å"stock exchange† service will come to Airborne. The unique competence gives Airborne a competitive advantage. Science and technology is developing rapidly in the world. Information system becomes more and more important in the business world. The more developed system a company has, the more competitive advantage it gets. Airborne uses three information systems to help in its daily operation. LIBRA II system is a metering device and computer software that easier the transaction between Airborne and customers. It also lowers Airborne’s operating costs. FOCUS is the main system provided by Airborne and it benefits customers the most. It is a worldwide tracking system that help the customers to track the location their package through Internet link. It increases the company’s reliability and service quality. With the trust on the company, customers will be more confident to give the job. The third system is the Customer Linkage electronic data interchange program. It eliminates repetitive data entry and paperwork by the customers. It also a system that created purposely to benefit its customers. The company also benefits from lowering the costs by eliminating manual data entry. From all the resources and capabilities mentioned above, we could realise that most of the competitive advantages Airborne has over its competitors is through costs reduction. According to Porter’s Generic Strategies Model, Airborne is actually implemented a cost-focus strategy to get the competitive advantage. Because of the lesser capital, Airborne is unable to compete with the giant of the industry, such as Federal Express and UPS. If Airborne can be the cost leader in the industry, it can give a severe competition to the competitors. Besides that, the unique resources such as C-containers and Foreign Trade Zone are also giving core competences to the company. In conclusion, facing the competition from competitors that have powerful funding, Airborne not only can survive, but also get a strong position in the air express transportation industry. A correct and suitable strategy adopted by a company can change the company position. A company, which can fully and smartly utilise its resources and capabilities, it can have  competitive advantage over the other competitors and it really benefits the company a lot.

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Human Resource Planning Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Human Resource Planning - Essay Example At the moment, the organization needs to hire competent individuals that are capable of providing the services. The problem of limited cash flows is affecting the recruitment process; the company simply cannot pay for quality services. In the coming years, the organization will be in dire need of individuals that are capable of promoting the company’s image to attract more donors. Currently, the cash flows are dwindling, and it is negatively effecting everything that the company does. The company needs healthy donations to effectively run its operations. Relying solely on volunteers is harmful to ‘going concern’ of the company. First and foremost, Juanita needs to get her authority, and power expanded. Without the power to effectively manage people and resources she will remain ineffective, and the company will never get out of hot waters. Juanita is already on the right track. Instead of making frequent appointments, she has setup her group over the email, and she is in touch with them. Juanita is new, and she is learning more about the company every day. The first step is obviously meeting the company personnel and assuring them that the HR manager is there to help achieve better results for the company. The first step towards improving employee performance is to cut the dead weight. Juanita did her research and found that there are people in the company who do not have any significant work, but they are still getting the paychecks. If the company carries on the same pattern it will have ripple effects as others will see that idlers are getting paid for doing nothing so why should they work so hard. Second, the company needs to formulate its HR policy exactly according to the laws that apply to a Non for Profit organization. This will help promote the better image of the company as new recruits will notice that the company operates in accordance with